Using a Coupon Platform to Improve Your Customer Attraction

There was once a time when a business could only attract customers in a local area. Even when the internet arrived, businesses still relied on local marketing and existing customers knowing their website and spreading the message along.

That has all changed with the introduction of coupon platforms. First launched by Groupon Coupons, coupon platforms allow businesses, which are willing to ship interstate and internationally, to reach customers who were never before within their reach.

The Groupon Coupons page for Design Within Reach provides a perfect example. Whereas Design Within Reach was previously limited in its ability to showcase its wares to the world, through coupons, it can now connect with customers looking for discounted furniture.

Of course, this supplier isn’t a discount merchant. However, by offering a coupon on selected items, it can use the coupon as a tool to raise awareness of its brand and connect with new customers.

The main benefit of this model is its adaptability. The platform isn’t limited to furniture design, and it certainly isn’t limited to large product suppliers. All companies and product providers can take advantage of its benefits.

Coupon platforms are a strong tool which businesses of all sizes can make great use of. These marketplaces offer a fair trading ground between providers. This means that the customer receives the most relevant deal available with no prejudice toward or against any of the providers.

In addition to general searches, coupon platforms which offer mobile apps are also able to provide location-relevant deals to customers close to a current deal. An example: A general consumer is looking for a cheap business skirt. Instead of searching for stores, they search their mobile coupon app. Knowing the user’s location, these apps can return results for coupons available for immediate redemption in a store mere feet away.

This further helps to level the playing field where smaller stores in high trafficked area can take more advantage of the space they pay highly for.

If you run a business or a marketing department and are looking for a new way to connect with new customers – you’ve found it. Coupon platforms are quickly becoming the first place consumers look to when they want to buy products. If your business isn’t listed when they do, then they will just have to purchase from somewhere else.